Setting Up an Effective Home Office

Ten or fifteen years ago, every discussion of setting up a home office always came with this “hush-hush” air. Nobody who worked at home wanted the secret to get out-I guess everyone thought that home workers just sat around in their pajamas all day.
Maybe they do, but I don’t, and neither do any of the home-based consultants and freelancers I know. I mention this only because you’re just starting out, and that means you need to set up a home office-going out and renting an expensive office is something you just don’t need right now. Remember, first we need to get a few customers and then we can start spending money. Having a fancy office isn’t going to help you with new customer acquisition, believe me.

So let’s take stock and get a basic work environment set up. We’ll have plenty of time to get the details sorted out later. Remember, we’ve got 72 hours.

Do you have a spare bedroom with a door? That’s the ideal. The door is the most important part. You’ll want to close your door to keep out dogs, kids, and the bored friend or spouse who thinks, “Hey, he’s just sitting there not doing anything, maybe I can talk to him.” It’s also good to be able to close the door to make phone calls in private and relative quiet (I have a Yorkie who loves to bark, so quiet is always important).

Having a separate room is also important when considering the psychological and tax-based issues surrounding home office work. By having a separate room, you send a clear signal to everyone that when you enter that room, play time is over-you are working. If you just use this room for business, then you might be able to get a tax break (please talk to your accountant about that, but not now! Remember, the clock is ticking!) 오피

If you don’t have a spare room, pick a corner of a room farthest away from major activity centers in your home. Don’t pick a place close to the kitchen, laundry, living room (with its distracting TV) or master bedroom (if you have to work late, this gets awkward; ditto if you do any video conferencing).

If you don’t have a spare corner in an isolated part of the house, I hope you have a laptop, because you’ll be moving around a bit-out to the balcony or porch, your living room, maybe a local coffee house.